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There are two secret sauces for making a web site successful: SEO and WPO. Ok, I guess everyone knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) now. SEO was a secret sauce 5-10 years ago. At that time, not everyone was aware of SEO. These who did SEO ended up being very successful. But have you heard of WPO? Are you doing WPO to your web site? Most people would answer "no". So WPO (Web Performance Optimization) remains as the one and only secret sauce. What is Web Performance Optimization? Do you hate slow web sites? Have you ever abandoned your online activity because the web site you were on was too slow? Is your web site slow or fast? Have many users abandoned your site because of slow experience? This is where WPO comes in. WPO, short for Web Performance Optimization, is about delivering an instantaneous experience to your web visitors. In other words, WPO is about ... (more)

AJAX: "XML for Client-Side Computing"

This article originally appeared in XML-Journal on March 10, 2004 XML is a simple, flexible text format initially designed for large-scale electronic publishing. It is flexible, open, and human-readable, and can be learned easily. XML can also be generated, parsed, analyzed, and transformed easily. It's no wonder that XML has been widely used for server-side computing: J2EE, .NET, and Web services. However, we have not seen significant use of XML on the client side to date. When we write client-side code, we are likely using HTML/DHTML for browser-based applications, Win32 for Wi... (more)

Java or .NET? XML Rich-Client AJAX Technology Brings Zero-Install Rich Client To Java

This article originally appeard in Java Developer's Journal on October 10, 2005 Which platform to use Java or .NET? Developers ask this question all the time. Java has been widely adopted because of its overwhelming benefits on the server side, but Java has less to offer on the client side. .NET has made inroads into the enterprise by leveraging its stronger rich-client capabilities. An alternative solution for enterprise-scale Internet application development is the emerging XML-based rich-client technology. .NET Erosion from the Client Side There are good reasons why Java is th... (more)

Apache XAP - The New Approach to AJAX

Apache XAP - The New Approach to Ajax (1) XAP is up and running at Apache (under Apache Incubator)... It's initial website is at: For those who are really brave, feel free to participate for discussions / suggestions / comments, or dig into source repositary. Why XAP and What Is The Value of Declarative Ajax? XAP represents a new way of developing, deploying and maintaining Ajax applications. It uses a declaratiave syntax (XAL, for describing UI, Data, Data Binding - so that the only Javascript cod... (more)

Two Key Challenges for Ajax Adoption that We Have Ignored

Two Key Challenges for Ajax Adoption that We Have Ignored by coachwei on Tue 11 Jul 2006 12:52 PM EDT  |  Permanent Link  |  Cosmos There are some fairly big issues with Ajax and I am puzzled. I think the Ajax community need to pay more attention here in order for Ajax to be really adopted. Before i get into the negatives about Ajax, let me clarify my position about Ajax first. Yes, there are huge amount of excitement around Ajax. Web companies like Google, and Yahoo are obviously behind Ajax - not only building Ajax-based applications like GoogleMap and Yahoo Mail, but also provid... (more)