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Coach Wei's Blog Here is a question that I have been pondering on and off for quite a while: Why do "cool kids" choose Ruby or PHP to build websites instead of Java? I have to admit that I do not have an answer. Why do I even care? Because I am a Java developer. Like many Java developers, I get along with Java well. Not only the language itself, but the development environments (Eclipse for example), step-by-step debugging helper, wide availability of libraries and code snippets, and the readily accessible information on almost any technical question I may have on Java via Google. Last but not least, I go to JavaOne and see 10,000 people that talk and walk just like me. The other reason that I ponder this question is that  the power of Java is a perfect fit for the areas where websites may need more than markups or scripting, such as middleware logic. PHP and Ruby etc ... (more)

AJAX, Java, Flash, and .NET

Enterprise Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are the next evolution of business application development. There are four different approaches to RIA development - AJAX, Java, Flash, and .NET - and many different RIA solutions available today. This article answers the following questions: What are enterprise RIAs? Which approach should you use? Which solutions are appropriate for you? And how are RIAs being adopted today? Welcome to a New Paradigm The Web began as an environment for content sharing and small-scale data transfer via e-mail, newsgroups, and so forth. These initial use... (more)

Coach Wei's "Direct From Web 2.0" Blog: Web 2.0 – the State of Confusion?

My readers probably know that I am excited about Web 2.0 and have been a champion for it for many years. Six years ago, I started a company (Nexaweb) providing software for building Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions because I was convinced that Web 1.0 has a lot of limitations and the world would need the next generation. The goal of Nexaweb was to enable the next-generation Web. Despite the fact that Nexaweb has been quietly deployed at over 5,000 enterprises, I did not hear a single customer inquiry about “Web 2.0”  between 2000 and 2004. Of course I didn't predict the "... (more)

Scratching My Head at AJAXWorld

Coach Wei's Blog AJAXWorld is a great conference that hundrends of people gathered here at RooseVelt Hotel in NYC. You can see and hear the excitement around this new paradigm of computing. But once in while, there are things that are quite amusing. Java vs. Microsoft WPF: It was great to catch up with Richard Monson-Haefel here at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo. Richard is one of the leading analysts that I have a lot of respect for. Richard told me that Douglas Crockford mentioned in his morning keynote session that Ajax, Flash and WPF are three leading technologies for client a... (more)

Adobe Open Sourcing Flex a Sign of Desperation?

(April 26, 2007) - Adobe sent out a press release this morning titled "Adobe to Open Source Flex". Is that so? Dana Blankenhorn from ZDNet says this is A sign of desperation from Adobe...Is that so? After reading the press release a few times, the title "to Open Source Flex" seems to be misleading a little bit. Adobe is NOT open sourcing Flex. Adobe is only open sourcing a part of Flex, only the part that will help Flex adoption without giving away revenue source(side note: nothing wrong with this, but just thought it would be helpful to have it clarified). More in detail: The ... (more)